Return of Dr. Venkman

Who gets the pledges? Bill Murray's choice of Charity
Category: Movies
Pledged: $25.00 Target: Open
The Story
For all of us who grew up on the Ghostbusters the idea of a 3rd movie is thrilling. Some have spoken about passing the torch to a younger group of comedic actors who would keep this franchise alive. For the die hard Ghostbuster fans I believe this would be a blessing. Some worry that they could go the way of Star Wars and forever change what we grew up with. This isn't my fear at all. My fear is that we would not get the movie we have all wanted. A Ghostbusters movie without Peter Venkman may be like a Star Wars movie with out the force. He has been an integral part of the Ghostbusting experience. Bill Murray who I've heard took the role after the unfortunate death of beloved comedic actor John Belushi made the character his own and charmed all of us with his wit and dynamism. Here is where I plead to Bill Murray please, please, please, reconsider your decision to not be apart of the movie. Any money if any raised will be donated to the charity of your choice. Please do this movie and give us the Ghostbusters last hurrah that we've been waiting for!
The Contract
Upon accepting a major role (being in at least a half a dozen scenes, for at least 20 min of the movie) all monies pledged will be donated to the charity of Bill Murray's choice.
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